The Company’s main activities are: 
  • Owning shares of Kuwaiti or Non-Kuwaiti shareholding companies.
  • Own shares or stakes in Kuwaiti or Non-Kuwaiti limited liability companies.
  • Participating in establishing both types of companies (shareholding and limited liability), managing them, lending them and sponsoring them to others.
  • Owning industrial property rights of patents or industrial trademarks or industrial charges or any other rights relating there to, and leasing them to other companies for utilization inside or outside the State of Kuwait.
  • Holding movables and real estate that are necessary to initiate its activity in accordance with the law.
  • Lending companies in which it holds shares and guaranteeing them to others, providing that the holding company’s ownership percentage in the share capital of the borrowing company must be at least 20%.
  • Utilizing the surplus funds by investing them in investment portfolios managed by specialized companies.
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